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Some pictures of our work ...

The family behind the mission work

We would like to tell you about the family behind the mission work. How did it all start? And what developments have we been able to experience through God's help in recent years?

"So go now ...

Twenty-three years ago, we received a call from God to go on mission to Ethiopia. We took the verse from Matthew 28:19 for us, and the first missionary journey of Shimeles included only the "go". He made an overview, because he wanted to find answers to the following questions: Are there already born again Christians in Ethiopia? Are there communities there we can work with? Which ethnic group in Ethiopia should we go first? It was not long before Shimeles met Meserete Kristos Church, an existing community in Ethiopia. Collaboration has been used by both sides, and so the mission in Ethiopia began, once small and inconspicuous among the Amharer tribe.



... and make disciples of all peoples ...

As mission leader, Shimeles has always been concerned to leave his own comfort zone and accept new challenges as a ministry. So God made it very clear that the mission should be expanded further. Many different tribes have been reached by native Good News missionaries, including B. Oromos, Tigres and Somalis but also natural tribes, which are isolated in the south of Ethiopia from civilization, such. B. the Surma. As a result, people, Muslims, Coptic Orthodox Christians as well as animists came to the living faith in Jesus Christ. There were communities that grew and sent out their own missionaries. Thus, a network of communities emerged, to which the mission among the own compatriots became a heart concern. This is how the evangelist project, the first pillar of the mission, was born. The church planting work noted that a group of people in Ethiopia were particularly neglected - the children. So we decided to set up a sponsorship project to give the most helpless ones a chance. In addition to the sponsored children, the third pillar of the mission was established, the aid to the poor, which cares especially about the old, handicapped and sick people of Ethiopia. In this way, the mission grew not only geographically, but also in the fields of activity. People from different tribes, ages and with different impairments should have the chance to start afresh through the gospel.


... and baptize them in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit ...

Also, the third part of the verse we took literally. In some places in Ethiopia, whole villages were baptized at once. Together, they decide to follow Jesus and testify to the people around them. 


... and teach them to keep all that I have commanded you." Matthew 28: 19-20a

Baptism also includes the regular training of new converts. Because she came so quickly the first euphoria, but foreign teachings did not stay long outside the communities and became a serious danger. It is therefore very important for us as a missionary organization to train teachers in the communities who ensure a healthy teaching. In order to provide evangelists, Bible teachers and children's missionaries with a good biblical education, we built the Bible Center within seven years. This will enable us to train as a missionary work for many Ethiopian full-time servants.



Circle of friends

Without our circle of friends, working in Ethiopia would not be possible. Throughout Germany there are churches that carry our work with prayer and gifts. In addition, there are the many godparents who faithfully support godchildren, evangelists or poor people from the poor relief project. We are pleased that our circle of friends is growing steadily and would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the faithful prayers and gifts.


The family behind the mission work

We as the Gospel mission Ethiopia e. We are distinguished by the fact that it is a missionary work coordinated from Germany and headed by Mission Director Shimeles Retta. To make this possible, it takes a well-functioning team in Ethiopia and one in Germany, who are in contact with each other and pursue one and the same goal, namely to make a mission in Ethiopia possible. Our German team consists of six employees, Shimeles and Jutta Retta (middle), Roman and Renate Retta (left) and Georgij and Sarah Goletiani (right).



Help with a donation ...

Helping is something great. In terms of supporting evangelists and other needy people in Ethiopia, demand exceeds our financial capabilities. That's why we need help. We are happy about every little donation.