Monthly report September

What happened in our church plantings in Ethiopia during Corona? How did our evangelists fare in the lockdown? Ethiopia – Corona Lockdown and Evangelist Help The Corona crisis has very suddenly brought about changes in Ethiopia that no one would have guessed (as it did here). Meetings were banned and so the usual church services […]

“How many churches have you founded?”

During my travels I was often asked: “How many congregations did you actually found in Ethiopia?” That made me ponder, I didn’t have a number ready. Time for some statistics! “Therefore, my dear brothers, be firm, immovable, and always increase in the work of the LORD, since you know that your work is not in […]

Elfata – hard ground for mission!

Elfata is an insignificant village in Eastern Ethiopia. People live from agriculture as they did in the old days, grow coffee and millet, but also Kath, a drug against hunger. For a long time they didn’t want to know anything about the gospel … “But let’s do good and don’t get tired; because in its […]

Agarfa – a community emerges

Agarfa is a village in the province of Bale in southern Ethiopia. The government set up an agricultural project in Agarfa, which means workers were brought here and Agarfa grew. But what about spiritual development?   “Raise your eyes and look at the fields, because they are ripe for harvest.” – Joh. 4,35 What the […]

Maji – somewhere in nowhere

In the middle of nowhere in southwestern Ethiopia, near the Sudanese border in the south of the province of Keffa, there is a small community in the insignificant city of Maji. It is surrounded by partly undeveloped tribes like Surma and Dize, bloody tribal feuds are part of human life. The municipality of Maji is […]