Support future servants of God

In our sponsored child project, we also support Bible students who are preparing for full-time service by studying the scriptures. Belaynesh, too. Belaynesh is 26 years old and came to believe as a young girl through a good friend. Her friend went to a church and took Belaynesh to the children’s service. It was there […]

Flood relief in Ethiopia

“For he will save the poor who cry for help, and the wretched who have no helper.” Ps. 72:12 At the end of the year, after all the hustle and bustle that the pandemic had already brought, another big task came our way – flood relief. The Awash River flows through the Metahara area. Depending […]

Gifts that encourage

Despite the crisis we can bring joy to those in need together Since the first confirmed case of COVID-19 disease was published in Ethiopia in mid-March, much has changed in Ethiopia. German media have already reported on the sometimes dramatic changes: collapsed mobile phone networks, postponed parliamentary elections and an imminent crisis in the country. […]

Zeyneba’s Story

A poor old widow tells of her life My name is Zeyneba Muhamude and I am 74 years old. When I was married to a man almost 60 years ago, I was just overwhelmed. In my people and in my faith it is quite normal to be married early and to take on the role […]

Sina – fight against cancer

Sina got a serious diagnosis two years ago – cancer. We would like to report on your two-year fight against cancer. Sina is one of our godchildren. In January 2018, Sina was diagnosed with cancer. We, as a mission, were also notified immediately and we were very shocked when the doctor told us that the […]

Micro Business – Help in Need

Many of our children have mothers who could not learn a profession. We want to help these mothers. We have set the motto for our sponsored children’s project “giving children a chance in Ethiopia” and have been implementing this for more than 20 years in Ethiopia. Thanks to dear siblings from Germany, children are given […]

Beyane – Persecuted as a teenager because of the faith

Beyane is 16 years old and is persecuted in his younger years because of his beliefs. How does a growing boy handle such a situation? At sixteen, Beyane is one of our older godchildren, but he is still very young for his difficult life. Beyane comes from a Muslim home. His parents are quite wealthy […]

Single parenting in Ethiopia

  Many of our children in our project have only one parent. Father or mother died or left the family. Not infrequently, it is the mothers who have to raise their children at their side without the help of a man. How do you deal with that? In our project we have many children, who […]