Beyane – Persecuted as a teenager because of the faith

Beyane is 16 years old and is persecuted in his younger years because of his beliefs. How does a growing boy handle such a situation?

At sixteen, Beyane is one of our older godchildren, but he is still very young for his difficult life. Beyane comes from a Muslim home. His parents are quite wealthy farmers and Beyane was allowed to attend school as a happy child. One day, on the way back from school, Beyane noticed an old, decaying book on the roadside. He picked it up and discovered that it was a Bible. His parents had taught Beyane to stay away from Christians and the Bible, but his curiosity was too great. Beyane hid the book in a ledge and read it every day on the way back from the school. As he began to read the New Testament, Jesus’ words touched his heart. Beyane decided to visit Christians who told him how he could become Jesus’ disciple. He converted in the church and took part in a basic faith course. All this he did secretly, because Beyane knew that a conversion to Christianity in his area would lead to serious consequences. Over time, however, Beyne’s friends and family noticed that he had changed. Jesus had been working on his heart and Beyane was suddenly obeying the commandments of the Word of God.

To some of his friends, Beyane could even tell that he had converted to Jesus, they actually came to the church and also converted. However, this was very quickly in Beyanes home village around. Beyane was arrested but released after three months. Many Muslims were angry about it and it was followed by a wave of persecution. Beyane and some of his friends were able to flee, but others were found and burned alive in a mosque. This was a big shock in the Ethiopian-Christian world. Beyane fled to Arssi Bale, changed his name to “Beyane” and took charge of a faithful family. We included Beyane in our project to assist him during this difficult time. All in all, Beyane deals well with his life situation. He is strong in his faith in Jesus Christ and knows that for many Christians, persecution is part of the life of faith. For his age, Beyane is very mature, but he still wishes a piece of youth back and now wants to catch up his graduation.

We have not yet found a godfather for Beyane, if anyone feels addressed to support this dear boy through a prayerful and gifted sponsorship, he is welcome to contact us.

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