Blessing in disguise

All authority in heaven and on earth is given to me … This statement of our Savior can be found in his mission command in Matthew 28.18b. The verse has become a heavenly accident insurance for me personally. In the last 25 years of my service in Ethiopia, I have survived five major accidents. I would like to report to his honor in the next few weeks as testimonies. At the request of a brother, I was alerted to a remote area with a large number of Coptic Orthodox Christians. I knew the brother from the first trip to Ethiopia in 1994 to a Bible school, which we supported at that time. After five years, in 1999, we met. In the meantime, he has become an employee at the main office in Addis Ababa. He told me that at his birthplace, where his family lived as peasants, he had led his parents and young brother to Jesus. He intended to start a church planting.

Although this area is Coptic Orthodox, he was determined to do so. He said he even got a plot to build a house of prayer. My reaction was to go there and see for myself what is needed. The ride was three to four hours long, I was told. We were also accompanied by my niece and mentor, Uncle Solomon. This brother accompanied me from the beginning everywhere in Ethiopia. When he left after 17 years of escorting, he said, before flying to the US, “Shimi, you always say I am your Paul and you are my Timothy, now is the time for Timothy to grow up. I will pray for you as always, but I have to go. “Uncle Solomon went home two months ago. I will miss him, but I am so comforted with the fact that no one like and the Apostle Paul can say: 2 Timo. 4.7 “I have fought the good fight, I have completed the course, I have kept the faith;” He lived for his LORD, like none, the brothers known to me. During the 17 years of intensive service I have had a blessed, strange brother by my side. I think I will report on this period of service with Uncle Solomon. God willing and we live.

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