People who need help ...

Enable people to live a decent life

The emergency in Ethiopia is alarmingly high. We want to help poor, sick and disabled people and relieve their distress.


"Break your bread for the hungry, and they who are without shelter in misery, lead into the house."

Jes. 58,7


The need of the people

As we walk through the streets of Ethiopia, we see many poor and sick people sitting on the roadside. These people have no one to take care of them, because there are no sick or sick people in Ethiopia. Normally the children take care of their parents as they grow older or get sick - just as we know from the Bible. But what if someone no longer has a family? Or if the family itself is so poor that they can not help? The poor and sick people are then completely on their own and have to pay for everything. If a treatment is due, the money must first be paid for it, otherwise it will not be treated. And when people come into retirement age, when their strength slips, they have to get along without government help. 



Time and again people come to us with such needs and ask us for help. They neither know nor come in and have no one else to turn to.   In a country like Ethiopia we are inevitably confronted with such fates.


Especially through the many communities in the country, with which we work together, we get a deep insight into the poverty of the people. The need is often so great that the elders turn to us by letter and ask for help. The rural communities are unable to help, most believers are themselves very poor. We started to help the needy.

It is important to us to give people from our poor project a decent life: housing, food for the day, clothing and medical help in case of illness. We personally look after the poor in our project; they are visited by our employees in Ethiopia and may know that they are not alone.


How can you help?

Every donation for the aid to the poor is welcome. It is also possible to sponsor a needy person in Ethiopia. If you have any questions, please write us.



An example from the poor relief ...

The story of Asefash

Asefash is an old, faithful woman whom we have supported for several years. She is unmarried and has no family who could take care of her. She used to work, usually in the daily wage as a maid, until she was too old for it. As a day laborer she could not do anything for later. To make matters worse, Asefesch gradually lost her sight until she went completely blind.



With the monthly support she gets, she can afford a small room. She does not need to worry about the daily bread and knows that she gets help when she gets sick and needs medical help. Asefash is very grateful for this help. For her part, she began to pray for the mission - this service especially appeals to the old sister.

So far, Asefash has no sponsor. It will be carried by us as a mission until we find a sponsor for you.

Help with a donation ...

Helping is something great. In terms of supporting evangelists and other needy people in Ethiopia, demand exceeds our financial capabilities. That's why we need help. We are happy about every little donation.