Corona in Ethiopia?

The Corona Virus has been the number one topic for a while in Germany and in many other countries. But what about it in Ethiopia?

As soon as you turn on the news, you hear reports about the Corona Virus. Above all, one is told about countries such as China, Italy, the USA and of course Germany also informed. Not much is reported in the media about the situation in Ethiopia. Again and again we are asked by siblings what it looks like in Ethiopia. A few days ago I exchanged views with an employee from Ethiopia about the current situation and I would like to share it with you.

While schools and kindergartens in Germany were already closed and certain articles were scarce in the shops, life in Ethiopia was still quite normal. In Germany, the number of infected people increased significantly from day to day, while not a single case was known in Ethiopia.

But shortly afterwards, precautionary measures were taken in Ethiopia. Schools have been closed, events have been canceled and contact bans have been ordered … No case has been known yet, but since people in third world countries do not have our health care system or immune system, these measures were taken much earlier than Here in Germany.
The uncertainty as to when the virus would reach Ethiopia and the fear of what would happen when it did, paralyzed people. However, they were aware that it is only a matter of time before the virus will reach them too.

They know themselves that they are not well positioned when it comes to contagious diseases and if they hit them first, the consequences will be a lot worse than here in Germany. For this reason, the measures were followed by the population much more specifically from the start than in Germany. The streets are cleared. In Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia, driving is actually a challenge. To get through the city center, you usually have to plan a good one to two hours. At the moment you can cover the distance in 15 minutes.
In a giant metropolis like Addis Ababa, it is however very difficult to adhere to the new arrangements in certain situations, such as in public transport or when shopping in the market.

Grocers are shamelessly taking advantage of the current situation in Ethiopia. The prices have skyrocketed. This affects the poor in particular, but it also clearly affects the middle class. As a result, the poor become poorer and more desperate. We as a mission try to help wherever we can. However, this help feels like a drop in the bucket at the moment. Nevertheless, we do not want to be discouraged and help as much as possible. Please pray that we can pass on enough funds to support.
Please also think of the affected people in Ethiopia in prayer.

Last month the first cases of corona became known in Ethiopia. So far, thank God, the numbers have been increasing very slowly. It is believed that the virus spreads more slowly in warmer countries. We can pray that God will get this state.

We don’t know why God allowed this virus. But we can trust that God does nothing out of arbitrariness. Therefore, we can pray that people will recognize their transience and that this can be a time when many people come to live faith in the Lord Jesus.

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