Flood relief in Ethiopia

“For he will save the poor who cry for help, and the wretched who have no helper.” Ps. 72:12

At the end of the year, after all the hustle and bustle that the pandemic had already brought, another big task came our way – flood relief.
The Awash River flows through the Metahara area. Depending on the weather, the river can be fast and raging, but sometimes you will find only a small stream. This year it rained a lot in Metahara. This was a great blessing for the farmers, but the Awash grew into a large, raging river. One of the dams was in danger of bursting, so it was decided to open a valve to relieve the dam and prevent worse. When the valve was opened, part of the river poured into the valley of Metahara, where people live and work. Many of these people lost their belongings and were suddenly homeless. As far as we know, there were no deaths, but the distress in Metahara was very great.

It was precisely during this period that we received a very generous donation that we were able to use to help with the greatest need. We decided to set up a flood relief center in Metahara. The big donation is enough to help 270 families for the period of one year. They will receive a monthly gift for this year to help them get over the current hardship. Houses are now also being diligently built for the victims of the flood and efforts are being made to repair the damage done. Further plans are to provide local churches with community centers made of sturdy material to protect them from further damage and also to include children from the 270 families of the flood relief, in our sponsored children project.
God put it on a family’s heart to help at just the right moment. We are always amazed at His perfect timing.
Please pray that we can continue to grow this project. We can also place Shimeles Retta’s mission trip to Ethiopia, which is scheduled to begin on 12/28 this year, in God’s hands in prayer.

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Helping is something great. In terms of supporting evangelists and other needy people in Ethiopia, demand exceeds our financial capabilities. That’s why we need help. We are happy about every little donation.

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