Interim report from Ethiopia – spring 2020

Dear brothers and sisters in the Lord!

I would like to greet you from distant Ethiopia in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

The main task of this missionary trip was to train our evangelists from 13 areas. Our dear mission friend Helmut Blatt held the training. Despite the troubled and threatening situation in the country, especially in the Dire Dawa school location, thanks to your prayers it was a very blessed time. Thanks to your generous donations, I was also able to buy all books and Bibles. We have distributed them to evangelists in training, but also to church members as needed. This training is now being systematically passed on by the evangelists to the parishioners in all areas. My request is that you pray for the church members so that they can grow in their spiritual life and in their testimony. When I get back home, I will report more about my trip in our brochure (probably in April).

Now I would like to pass on an important prayer request to you. Our service to Meserete Kristos Church continues to grow, although the political situation is not as it should be. Miraculously, there was a change of government over a year ago. The old government had been dictatorial for 27 years and had changed the country significantly through corruption and lawlessness. Above all, they only systematically built up the interests of their tribe and at the same time stoked hostility among several other tribes in order to strengthen their own tribe and to enrich themselves immeasurably. When they suddenly lost their position as government, they entrenched themselves in their province. They are armed to the teeth and are now trying to overthrow the current government. As a result, there is an unmistakably troubled state throughout the country.

Of course, this condition also affects our communities. As always, we deploy evangelists for their language and culture among their own people. However, the unrest is affecting food supplies and due to the material shortage, life has become priceless and unbearable for some. These are very sad conditions that I have never experienced in my almost 26-year service. Added to this are displacement, persecution and, in some areas, armed conflicts.

Despite all the circumstances, the communities and thus our areas of work are growing. For example, in one of our areas of application, several new communities emerged in a short time. The area management wrote to us now and asked us to support these churches and church plantings with an evangelist. The leading brothers had seen the condition of the communities deteriorate without care. They put it like this: “The sheep fall and need shepherds. Please help us! ”I am used to doing what I can. With God’s help and with the trustful support of our siblings in Germany, I have been able to help so many times. What we have all done together should not be underestimated. I pray that I will be given the opportunity to help again this time – we need godparents for evangelists.

God bless you for everything we have been able to do with his help and the trustful support of our brothers and sisters from Germany. I’ve been on the road for more than a month now. We conduct training and discuss with those responsible how we should act. There is a lot of prayer, but the siblings’ misery never ends. In the remaining three weeks, I want to visit areas with communities in need and pass on as much of the gift as possible. Please pray that the Lord will give more peace and quiet in the country and that we can alleviate the urgent need of the siblings…

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