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Taking the right path

To begin with, my following brief story might not differ or sound as a rare one.

The whole voyage that lasted for years began when studying and trying to understand and comprehend the meanings of the quran's chapters and verses. I had an extensive idea about the Islamic history, the teachings of Mohammed.

I spent almost a decade diving in the quran cause I could not swallow what the history books recorded. Therefore, I eagerly wanted to see if the quran is in line with the historical facts.

It all came gradually, but so shocking when I found that all violence, brutal murdering and child marriage was in the book!

I started my own research through communicating with Islamic scholars to discuss the issue with them but the result was sometimes, getting deaf ears or indirect threats to stop those questions which made me go even persistent because of one simple and honest reason, it was because that all this time I was comparing it with the teachings of Jesus Christ, the gospels particularly and the whole bible in general.

To make a long story short, I decided to stand my ground. For me, it was like I knew which path to take and I knew that integrity is taking it….well I decided with full and sincere and devoted intention to hand over my life to Christ, Jesus. It was in around 1999.

As the call of Christ requires, I tried to make my close friends and relatives see the massive pit they have fallen into and did what I could to drag them out and into the Love of God, the true God of Love.

Am in this phase of my life at present and will go on with all my might to declare and make known, specially to the muslims, the trap they have fallen in and feed their minds and souls with the truth that is clearly visible and shining for all.

Right before I pen off, I would like to point out that the first verse in the bible that really penetrated my heart from the first time I read it was, John 3:16 "For God so love the world" A True Loving God indeed.

I stand ready, with all of my might and capacity to assist other Muslims to see the falsehood of the so-called religion they embrace, that is by re-reading, understanding with open minds and hears full with courage and integrity to take the true and right direction in their quest for the True God.

Please do not hesitate to forward your questions and request for further clarifications to me.

Who is Mohammed?

The above short title is not based on assumptions or mere and simple interpretations of the deliberately twisted verses of the Koran. It is the result of years of investigating dubious verses.


Mohammed claimed that he was a messenger and that he was getting revelations from above. He also claimed almost an equal position with God by a decree for all embracing his so-called religion to bear witness that there is no God but Allah and Mohammed as his messenger. It sounds quite normal for anyone to know that this is the first step to take for those converting to Islam. But with little concentration we see that the above declaration is deeply planted in ones brain paving the way for the rest demonic seeds to be implanted gradually without noticing that is entertaining and becoming an incubator for the devil's plan to resist and fight the Kingdom of God.


Mohammed played the role given to him by the devil in unbelievable genius and perfect way; no wonder his instructor is the one who was the reason behind the casting out of Adam & Eve from Eden.


A true and real messenger usually is backed up by divine teachings, holy style of living and miracles whenever required. These attributes are commonly taken as an irrefutable, solid and authenticated credentials for a prophet to begin his mission.


A person claiming the position of a messenger with credentials totally the opposite of a true one is undoubtedly and naturally sent and dictated by the devil.


Having said the above, what basics was taken into consideration to label him as the

devil's strong right-hand advocate on earth? The answer is quite clear, his credentials.


Let us start with his so-called revelations and I would like to point out the most dangerous, dreadful and satanic verse. "when the sacred months are over slay the idolaters wherever you find them, arrest them, besiege them and lie in ambush everywhere for them. If they repent and take to prayer and render the alms levy, allow them to go their way. God is forgiving and merciful"


The last sentence is an insult to their god. He will become forgiving and merciful

only after the infidels fulfill the conditions in order to go free, one of them is settling payments!!


Before going to the next satanic verse, I want to point out that the above verse was the reason behind the convert of thousands of muslins to Christianity. However, the best convert was a Sudanese lady I saw lately on the net. She was being interviewed why she left Islam. Her powerful answer was that she compared the above verse with Mathew 5:44, where Jesus says; Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

Both verses were talking about treating enemies. The first calls for killing and persecuting them while the other was a message of divine unconditional love. She made a clean break from Islam and accepted Christ Jesus as the True and Only Savior.


 The second satanic verse is Surah Al-Baqarah, verse 230 and it says;


"if he, the husband, divorce her for the third time (divorce goes into effect when the husband divorces his wife for three time), then she is not lawful to him until after she marries another person, and if this person divorces her or dies, then she can marry her first husband again." In simple clear words, it says that one should wait until his divorced wife marry another person and that person divorces her then he would be allowed to get back his wife again. How does this sound!!!???


This is a verse inspired by the devil to Mohammed without any doubt since the devil is using him to work against the Kingdom of God because it is presenting the law on how to re-marry again in a way which is exactly contrary to what the Bible says.

Deuteronomy 24:1 says explicitly that if one does what the verse in the Koran says about remarrying, that shall be considered a terrible sin, bringing guilt on the land and filth. Isn't this a wide-open war by the devil against the Kingdom of God??


 The above illustrates two verses standing as irrefutable crystal-clear evidences that Mohammed is NOT a messenger from God but sent by the devil and an instrument to plant evil and demonic seeds.


Other issues are also mentioned in the Koran such as child marriage, conquering and raping, murdering those who criticized him.


However, the Koran at the end says that the Messiah was raised to heavens ALIVE and was not crucified, but it was made to appear for the people at that time. This might sound of little or no importance to some of us because what matters most is HIS mission, teachings and the style of living we should follow and that HIS death is of no significance.


But why the author of the koran, Mohammed, denied the crucifixion of Christ? A deeper look at the sequences of events makes the whole picture clear. The crucifixion was purposely denied establishing the biggest satanic move ever planned by the devil to destroy the very foundation of the Christian belief, that is the Resurrection of Christ Jesus!


To wrap it up, I humbly request from all muslims who are sincere in their quest for the truth to read the koran paying close attention to what it says.

Ishmael in the koran

Strangely enough, Ishmael is not mentioned in the sacrifice incident even though muslims claim that he was the one who was to be sacrificed.  The verses in the koran Chapter 37, starting from Verse 100 to 113 give a slight hint that the son supposed to be sacrificed was Isaac, mentioned by name in the process.


It is mysterious how Ishmael was promised a family line at some point of which came Mohammed who confirmed that he was a descendant of Abraham. An average intelligent person would not buy that for the reason that Mohammed was not from Jewish roots.


The claim to give Ishmael an important role continues with a fabricated lie that he and his father traveled to mecca and built the kaaba, the sacred cubical house of worship for muslims presently. A story which is neither mentioned in the Bible nor in any historical record except in the koran authored by Mohammed.


One can see from the false claim that the intention of Mohammed, inspired by Satan, was to give himself a high post of a prophetic person hailing from Ishmael who came with Abraham and built the kaaba thus eluding his people to believe him easily for the sake of his  family chain of prophets,.


This entire satanic arrangement took place after his Jew scholars, namely Kaab Al-Ahbar and Waraqa Bin Nawfel, in mecca taught him a bit of the Old Testament and the Torah. This helped him a lot, together with Satan inspiration to come up with the biggest lie in history that it was Ishmael not Isaac who was supposed to be sacrificed.

In addition to this, Mohammed gave his followers and the people at his time that he was the prophet predicted in Deuteronomy 18 : 18. (NIV).  This verse is considered the most used tool by muslims, particularly the late famous muslim scholar Ahmed Deedat in his debates with Jimmy Swaggart, Shorosh and other Christian Ministers to prove that it was pointing to Mohammed skipping their mind that the verse says, from among your brethrens , meaning Jews, while all records including the koran prove he was an Arab.and most probably this was the reason to tie up himself in the family tree of Abraham.


The koran itself confirms that the prophetic chain mentions Isaac and not Ishmael in Surah Al-Ankabut, 29 Verse 27 which makes the above claim totally false as we again find it in Genesis 17:21 " My covenant I will establish with Isaac". On the contrary, the Bible in Genesis 16:12 says, " He will be a wild donkey of man. His hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him"


However, when muslims are challenged to prove that he was the meant predicted prophet, they take us directly to the Gospel of Barnabas., I think most Christians are not familiar with this bible, the Bible of Barnabas. (Barnabas claimed to be one of the twelve disciples) and frankly speaking, it is not known where this gospel of Barnabas exists now and above all, the twelve disciples names are mentioned in the gospels and no Barnabas is there.

The establishment of the Messiah in the Koran

This very crucial point should not be overlooked as it is undeniable by the Koran itself and some Christian scholars’ question if the Messiah is mentioned in the Koran even in a shy way.


Yes, the Messiah is not only mentioned but strongly praised and glorified. This might sound a bit strange and awkward for Christians to know this fact for the first time and wonder why such a messenger of Satan could possibly praise the Messiah when his main and prime purpose is to fight against The Kingdom of God.


The only explanation here is that this was a part of the Will of God and neither Mohammed nor Satan could avoid testifying for Christ Jesus willingly or unwillingly for the fact that it was all in HIS eternal plan.


Moreover, the verses in the Koran mentioning the Messiah are extremely powerful and describe Christ Jesus as the mightiest and sinless figure born through God's Holy Spirit blown into Mary without a male intervention. Verses in the koran say that he performed supernatural miracles that no other messenger mentioned in the Koran did starting with healing the deaf and blind up to raising the dead.


But the most powerful evidence testifying in clear few words that The Messiah is God incarnate, in the koran itself, is " A Word from HIM, ie, God", " A Spirit from God" or in a more clear way, " A Spirit of God" koran, chapter Al-Nisa, verse 171.


"HIS "Word" placed unto Mary, koran, chapter Al-Nisa, 171.


The Messiah is mentioned clearly by the title, "The Word",  koran, Chapter Al-Nisa, verse, 171.


Good tiding to Zacharias that he would have a son, John the Baptist, and John would be the first to believe in the "Word" ie, Christ Jesus. Chapter, Al-Imran, Verse 39, amazingly, very close to what the Bible says, John 1 when it comes to describing the Word of God, and verse 8 "Witness to the light".


God gives Mary good news, HE will give you a tiding about HIS "Word" whose name is Jesus the Messiah. Koran, Chapter Al-Imran, verse 45


Mary, the mother of Jesus, believing in the "Word", koran, Chapter Al-Imran, verse 12.


The Messiah has full knowledge of Torah, Talmud and Gospel, koran, chapter Al-Imran verse 48. Notice that Jesus Christ came after the Torah and Talmud revelations and this is a proof that all revelations are HIS Word since eternity.


The Messiah, Jesus Christ, was divinely powered by the Holy Spirit. Koran, chapter Al-Baqarah, verse, 87.


The Messiah described to be The Way to God. Koran, chapter Al-Imran, verse 45.

Wajihan in Arabic is the one that has no sin and qualified to be the Mediator between us and God because only the sinless is qualified to act as a Mediator.                         



The above verses in the koran stand as solid evidences that the Messiah is mentioned not as a normal or ordinary figure or even as one of the mightiest messengers, but described HIM as God, the Most High.

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