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Many of our children have mothers who could not learn a profession. We want to help these mothers.

We have set the motto for our sponsored children’s project “giving children a chance in Ethiopia” and have been implementing this for more than 20 years in Ethiopia. Thanks to dear siblings from Germany, children are given the opportunity to receive medical care, a good education and, above all, to get to know the Lord Jesus. However, we quickly realized that it helped the children well, but that the poor living conditions did not change much. Many of our children live in very poor conditions with their single mothers, who also often suffer from illness. So we asked ourselves the question: “How can we help the family holistically to get out of poverty?”

Our answer was: Micro Business. By donating our siblings from Germany, we can enable mothers to start a small business. We find out together with the mothers: What are your gifts? How can you use these gifts to provide for the livelihood of your family? This includes training and we give mothers the starting capital to put their plans into action. Here’s an example.

Tsion is a single mother of two children. Her husband left her after the birth of her second child without explanation. So Tsion came into great trouble. She was blinded from birth in one eye and was therefore rejected in the daily wage and found no work. With the donation of a community from Germany, Tsion was able to build up a small booth. In the photo you can see how Tsion bakes flatbreads. She really has a knack for it. Early in the morning, she kneads a large amount of yeast dough by hand and bakes the flatbreads on a pan over an open fire. Tsion has built up a good customer base in recent months. Their freshly baked flat bread smells all over the street and is very popular. She is very grateful for the help.

In the photo of Tsion is not only how well she manages to put her talent into action, but also her look says something. Tsion is proud – and rightly so. She has never given up in her life, despite all the rejection and was there for her children. One of her sons even studies at a good university. Still, Tsion was saddened all her life not to work and the sense of uselessness was spreading inside her. Thanks to support from Germany, Tsion has now regained a large part of its self-confidence. Maybe this will be the reason Tsion opens up to the gospel … We can pray for it!
If you feel addressed and would like to donate something for our project Micro Business, feel free to contact us.

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