Monthly report September

What happened in our church plantings in Ethiopia during Corona? How did our evangelists fare in the lockdown?

Ethiopia – Corona Lockdown and Evangelist Help
The Corona crisis has very suddenly brought about changes in Ethiopia that no one would have guessed (as it did here). Meetings were banned and so the usual church services were cancelled. In addition, training for new converts had to be interrupted – the churches were facing serious challenges. Video messages, written material and telephone devotions were organized from the main office in Addis Ababa, but in the countryside it was by no means possible to reach all Christians. How would it continue, was the anxious question.
But our evangelists were prepared for this crisis in an equally unexpected way. Especially in the last two years we trained them intensively and gave them good books including a study bible. In addition to our evangelists, we have also trained many brothers from churches, altogether they were 1,300 people. While many evangelists were in great need of money because the churches had no income anymore (due to rapidly growing unemployment of the members), our evangelists had their monthly salary. They are supported by the sponsors in Germany. We tried to support the other evangelists as much as we could so that they did not have to give up their ministry because of their families. We will continue to do this in the program.

So our evangelists were provided for, physically through their salaries and spiritually through the training and the books. They were therefore able to step into the breach and take care of the believers personally. Everywhere they formed tiny house Bible groups to minister to them, all with the required distance. A maximum of five people were allowed. I can imagine what kind of work it was – to care for churches with several hundred members in this way! But our evangelists involved other brothers, but carried the biggest burden themselves. It is a tremendous achievement that our evangelists still do, but the fruit is equally impressive. Slowly the churches in Ethiopia are opening again, there are already first services, but still in layers because of the distance. Now the condition of the believers shows what the care of our evangelists has achieved. And the news is so positive and encouraging from everywhere, it is really good to hear that here too. The churches have gone through the crisis unscathed.
We are heartily thankful to the Lord for leading all of this in such a way that our evangelists were able to go into this crisis strengthened through training, and thus were able to support and care for the believers in their isolation.

Godchildren – Aksan: A microbusiness for the mother
“My name is Zenebech. Thanks to the support of donors I have been given the opportunity to sell vegetables. With this I would like to feed my family.”

We would like to introduce an area with which we support the needy in Ethiopia. This is the microbusiness, where the mothers of our sponsored children are given the opportunity to build up a small business and help to provide for the family’s income. Zenebech is such a woman and has already done some work in her life so that she can raise the money necessary to feed her family. Her husband, too, is always in small jobs. In this way the family earns the wages they need every day. Their daughter Aksan is already supported by our sponsored children’s project and receives schooling there, among other things. Thanks to the support of donors we were able to enable Zenebech to start selling vegetables. For this she can go to the market and offer for sale the goods she has previously bought herself. If she does well, she will be able to expand the sale and make a bigger profit for her family. Besides the costs for her family, she needs medicine herself, because she is ill and needs permanent treatment. Here it is also very important that the medication is taken with sufficient food, otherwise the body is too much attacked by it. For Zenebech there are many things to consider and we are allowed to support her in prayer.
Jeremiah 29:11: “For I know what thoughts I have about you, says the Lord, thoughts of peace and not of harm, to give you a future and hope.
Please pray for the success of the Zenebech booth. Would you also like to support someone in setting up such a microbusiness? You are welcome to contact me about this.

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