Sina – fight against cancer

Sina got a serious diagnosis two years ago – cancer. We would like to report on your two-year fight against cancer.

Sina is one of our godchildren. In January 2018, Sina was diagnosed with cancer. We, as a mission, were also notified immediately and we were very shocked when the doctor told us that the cancer had spread to her womb and multiple tumors had developed. At that time Sina was only fourteen years old.

We prayed a lot for Sina as a mission and her godparents also joined our prayers for healing. Over the next two years, Sina underwent several chemotherapy treatments and two major surgeries. Sina physically degraded as a result. She not only lost a large part of her hair, but also a lot of weight. Sina had her gallbladder removed and her uterus was operated on to remove the tumors.

However, what particularly surprised us was how Sina dealt with her life situation. Despite her physical weakness, Sina struggled to school every morning. She studied hard and put her operations extra into the summer vacation so that she didn’t have to be absent for long periods. Sina got a little weaker from her grades, but she still managed to be placed in the ninth grade last summer with a good 2 on average.

Sina also grew in her faith in Jesus Christ during these two years. There were days when she asked God “Why?”, But she held on to her Lord and became a strong follower of Christ, who did not falter even in sickness. In the past six months, Sina has recovered well from her last operation. She no longer has to go through any further treatments, but is only examined regularly. Our prayers were answered; Sina was allowed to experience healing. Let’s praise God for it! But we can also use Sina as a role model for our religious life. God leads us into difficult times as his successors. Times of illness, grief or hopelessness. Let us hold on to him in these times and we will not tire of prayer. He can still do great things to us today!

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