Support future servants of God

In our sponsored child project, we also support Bible students who are preparing for full-time service by studying the scriptures. Belaynesh, too.

Belaynesh is 26 years old and came to believe as a young girl through a good friend. Her friend went to a church and took Belaynesh to the children’s service. It was there that she heard God’s word for the first time. At that time it was a child-friendly story from the Bible, but the content hit Belaynesh right in the heart. Belaynesh’s parents also came to the church and their entire family was converted little by little. Belaynesh saw the family’s life completely transformed. With everything they had done for granted, they now had to ask themselves: “What does God think of it?” But Belaynesh also noticed that the characters of her parents and siblings were changing for the better and she too worked on herself to please God. As Belaynesh got older, she decided against studying with a promised career and doing full-time service among children in Shone. Belaynesh now wants to attend a Bible school so that she is better prepared for her ministry. So she came to Addis Ababa and is studying God’s Word at a Bible school there. Belaynesh reported how her studies opened her eyes and, above all, she was allowed to learn how to bring God’s word closer to the children. But financially it became more and more difficult for Belaynesh. Her parents are poor farmers and her big brother, who supported her financially, now has a family and looks after his parents. The siblings from Shone are also very poor and cannot finance their Belaynesh studies. That’s how we included them in our project.

Siblings like Belaynesh don’t have it easy in Ethiopia. You have a ministry to the Lord, the zeal, the talent, but finances fail. That is why we took in some Bible students to support them. We are still looking for sponsors for these Bible students, whose studies usually only last three years. Belaynesh also needs a sponsor. We would therefore be very happy to hear from you.

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Helping is something great. In terms of supporting evangelists and other needy people in Ethiopia, demand exceeds our financial capabilities. That’s why we need help. We are happy about every little donation.

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