Sharing – a sacrifice that pleases God


We not only give to the poor, we also receive from the poor who share with us.

In my quiet time, I recently read Hebrews 13. In this chapter, there are many things worth pondering and the need to apply in one’s own life. One verse that I had been thinking about that day was verse 16: “Doing good and sharing with others do not forget, because such sacrifices please God.”

“Doing good” …. In my mind, I went through a whole list of things that I knew, “Here I can do something good for someone.” There were my husband, my children, my family, the church, Friends etc. As soon as you get to know a person a little bit more, you know that you are not only worried and needing help in some things, but that the people around you are the same. Often they have even greater hardships and problems than ourselves and are grateful for a helping hand reaching out to them. In everyday life you are surrounded by people who can do good.

But what about sharing, which we should not forget as well? I have thought about this request a little longer. Spontaneously it occurred to me that we educate our children to share their toys with each other or to not only keep biscuits and sweets for themselves, but also to be able to deliver them. Of course, when neighbors ring the doorbell and ask for an egg, for example, I’m happy to give them that. You can also share time by not only using it for yourself and your own well-being, but spending it with others, listening to them or simply being there for them.

But is the “parts list” completed? Or is there more that we can share?

I remembered all our donors whose donations I am allowed to post each month. So many people sharing their income with children, evangelists, the poor, sick and disabled in Ethiopia. So many sacrifices are made that please God and honor Him – is not that beautiful?

Today I read a report about a man from our aid project – Lema Tebeka. As I read this review, I realized that not only did we share something with Lema, but that he shared something with us as well. I would like to briefly introduce you to Lemma. Lema used to be an evangelist. He loved the Word of God and enjoyed sharing it with people. Although he received only a very small salary, he did his work faithfully and with total devotion to the Lord. Today, Lema is no longer able to continue his work. He is still a spiritual model to many people, but physically he is old and very weak. Since there is no pension insurance in Ethiopia, his daughter would actually be responsible for his well-being. But how can he help him if she has to feed her children and has to fight for it to make ends meet?

The village elders approached my father-in-law on Lema and asked him to include Lema in our aid project. My father-in-law agreed, and now Lema is allowed enough food and a roof over his head. God had taken care of him. I read on his report and came across a sentence: He supports the mission with his prayers … This task takes Lema very seriously. Lema is poor and old. From a purely human point of view, he has nothing to share with us, but spiritually, he shares everything he has with us.

I find it remarkable how many opportunities and opportunities the Lord gives us to share with others.

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