Thank you to all brothers and sisters in the Lord!

The Meserete Kristos Church, with which we work, has given us a letter of thanks, which I would like to pass on to you. There are still several areas missing, the letter is not up to date, but I would like to pass it on to you here – the complete overview will follow shortly in the newsletter.

Greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ!

Ethiopia and Ethiopians have been going through a bleak situation caused by human and natural disasters, which is negatively affecting the nation in general and the work of our church in particular.

For the past few years, we have been facing a number of difficulties and challenges in Ethiopia. In such a difficult and confusing situation in our country, Evangeliums-Mission-Äthiopien e.V. was motivated by missionaries Shimeles and Jutta Retta to act once again and support our people in different parts of our regions. We are very happy to have the Mission by our side in our urgent need with relief goods.

A total of 4,407,000.00 (four million four hundred and seven thousand Birr) has been transferred to our account, reaching the lives of more than 20,000 needy and severely affected people in our country. The problems are due to the war in the north and west of Ethiopia and the unexpected drought in some parts of the country, apart from the rising economic inflation. Therefore, mission is indeed a friend who has appeared in the midst of our basic needs. Moreover, we have realised that God’s hand has been moving and working with the mission in ministry in Ethiopia more intensively than ever before. We believe that God has saved many people from natural death by sending the mission and donors from Germany to provide them with food. In addition, the sacrificial service of missionaries Shimeles and Jutta Retta was inspiring and of great importance at such a time in our lives. As a result, many more people were saved from spiritual death through the spiritual ministry of the mission in Ethiopia. Therefore, we are sure that God is visibly at work through the mission in Ethiopia.

Therefore, we are grateful for your enthusiasm, compassion and determination to help God’s people in their harvest. And we would all like to remember that it is only God who rewards for a job well done. But we feel the need to acknowledge what you have done for our people here in Ethiopia. We hope and pray that you will continue to serve the Lord in this way. We appreciate it. May the Lord bless your service!

Desalegn Abebe


The following is a short report from Shimi

“They said to him, “We have nothing here but five loaves and two fishes”” (Mt 14:17)

I felt the same way when I was asked by a church in Ethiopia to help eleven families who had nothing to eat. It was clear that the need was greater than these eleven – people all over Ethiopia had nothing. At that time I turned to you for help for this great need. I was deeply moved by your response. You broke your bread to the hungry, as the Scripture says (cf. Is.58:7), and thus satiated so many. I was able to distribute maize and flour in many areas, each in 10 communities for 15 families (in large areas I doubled this): East and West Hararge, Arsi, Nazareth, Shambu, Amuru, Agamsa, Jarte, Wolisso, Sebat Bet and Bahar Dar. In the coming days I will go to Ilubabor and Jimma, followed by Addis Ababa. I know these names don’t mean much to you – but you are connected to the brothers and sisters there whom you have helped. I told them about your generosity and some of them were in tears. They felt abandoned, but the Lord showed them what fraternal solidarity means across so many miles, language and cultural barriers. The thanks and blessings of these brothers and sisters are for you, they pray for you.

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Help with a donation ...

Helping is something great. In terms of supporting evangelists and other needy people in Ethiopia, demand exceeds our financial capabilities. That’s why we need help. We are happy about every little donation.

Evangeliums-Mission Äthiopien e.V.