Zeyneba’s Story

A poor old widow tells of her life

My name is Zeyneba Muhamude and I am 74 years old. When I was married to a man almost 60 years ago, I was just overwhelmed. In my people and in my faith it is quite normal to be married early and to take on the role of a mother as a life-fulfilling task. But it was anything but easy for me. I am very grateful that I had a good husband. Even though he was a lot older than me, he always treated me with respect and credited me for giving him two daughters and a son. All my life I worked side by side with my husband. We grew vegetables, raised goats and cows, and simply lived off our own crops. Life was hard back then, but we still respected a farmer who tilled his own field and could provide for his family. This is unfortunately different today. Most young men end up on a daily wage and are exploited by the “rich”… At some point our farm was also taken over and my husband had no choice but to look for work on a daily wage. He worked hard for 17 years until his body could no longer bear the ordeal and he died. Today I live together with two of my children in a narrow hut. They help me through the daily routine and I also take care of their needs and worries. I can’t say that I have ever been really happy in my life, but I am thankful to be supported by the gospel mission now. There are few who think of a poor old widow, but it is nice to meet people who treat me with respect and help me in my need.

1 Tim. 5:9: “Honor the widows who are alone.”

We’re still looking for a godfather for Zeyneba. If you feel addressed to support Zeyneba with a donation of 20€ per month, please contact me.

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